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All of the windows of St. Paul's have a rich backstory, connecting the bible stories they depict to the artists who created them and to the community members who are commemorated. Use the button below to see links to see information about some of our most notable windows.


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Use our images to orient yourself in the church, then select the window you want to learn about from a list of windows. Use this link to learn about a particular window or bible story.


About the Book

The Golden Cockerel was written by St. Paul's member Winifred Shine Fryzel, and published in 2007. It is the primary source for the information shared here, and more information, including additional sections, can be found below.


Stained glass expert and restoration artist Cathy Jordan has referred to St. Paul's as "a museum of stained glass in the United States".  Our windows were created from the 1920s to the 2000s by at least five different studios.

Each window represents the intersection of multiple stories: the bible story depicted, the studio who created it, and the community member commemorated in the window. These stories were chronicled in The Golden Cockerel, by St. Paul's member Winifred Shine Fryzel, and published in 2007. 

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While our windows are beautiful and iconic, they— along with the rest of our historic buildings— require very expensive restoration and maintenance.

Please consider making a donation to St. Paul's so that we may continue our work, including the stewardship of our beautiful grounds, buildings, and windows.

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