Pledge Appeal

Dear St. Paul's Families,

From the early days of its founding St. Paul’s has demonstrated and developed faith each week through prayer, presence, and service. Through its ministries, St. Paul’s has assisted the poor, visited the sick, supported people in times of trial, worshipped God, and addressed needs locally, nationally and internationally. And, each year, your clergy, church staff, vestry and members make a financial pledge so that St. Paul’s may continue its mission. 

This letter is an appeal from the 2018 Stewardship Campaign Committee to invite you to be a part of continuing St. Paul’s mission as well as experience the benefits of the spiritual discipline of making a financial commitment.

For many of us, finances can be a difficult subject, and our attitudes about money can be peculiar.  Money can provoke anxiety in people of every tax bracket and take away peace of mind. God wants us to have peace of mind, and wants us to know the spiritual joy of being generous. St. Paul’s and its members are recipients of God’s grace, as well as the many “Generations of Generosity” that have kept us going for over 185 years, and as a church community, one of our goals is to more fully become the generous people and church that God created us to be.

As you consider and prepare your pledge, please keep in mind that St. Paul’s continues to rely primarily on voluntary pledges to make up just a little over half of its revenue every year.  Other receipts from visitors to the sanctuary and income generated from the endowments make up the rest.  As a parish St. Paul’s does not receive any money from the greater Episcopal Church to support its mission, hence, everyone’s help is needed. If you’ve never pledged before, please pledge now; and if you have pledged before, please consider increasing your pledge this year so that we can expand our mission and serve more of those in need. 

Join with us in being this generation of generosity bequeathing to those who will come after us to benefit from an increased faith in God through worship, prayer, presence, and service.

The 2018 Stewardship Campaign Committee

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