Second church and rectory circa 1865

The Historic Rectory was originally built at the corner of Duval and Eaton Streets facing Eaton in 1857. The Rectory escaped the Great Fire of Key West in March 1886, while the church and many of the surrounding buildings were destroyed. The Rectory also survived a hurricane in October 1909 that destroyed the nearby church. When today’s church was rebuilt starting in 1914, the rectory was moved to its current location facing Duval. 

Currently, the Historic Rectory is used for church and community activities including weddings, social gatherings, church meetings, music recitals and other performances.  It is also used as housing for guests of the church and for charity groups visiting and working in our community.  A renovation is proposed to improve the function of the rectory for public events.  The project would also increase the flexibility of the private living spaces to be used as the rector’s home, staff housing, or continue being used for guests as it is now.  For more details and pictures of the proposed renovation, please click here.

We need your help!  
The proposed renovation will cost an estimated $900,000.  
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