“Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops.” Proverbs 3:9


If you prefer to make a restricted gift
please consider donating to the The Historic Rectory Renovation Fund.  To learn more about this project, click here.

Why Do We Give?

​From the early days of its founding St. Paul’s has demonstrated and developed faith each week through prayer, presence, and service. Through its ministries, St. Paul’s has assisted the poor, visited the sick, supported people in times of trial, worshiped God, and addressed needs locally, nationally and internationally. And, each year, your clergy, church staff, vestry and members make a financial pledge so that St. Paul’s may continue its mission. 

This letter is an appeal from the 2018 Stewardship Campaign Committee to invite you to be a part of continuing St. Paul’s mission as well as experience the benefits of the spiritual discipline of making a financial commitment.

Online Giving

We offer the  ability to give a donation or schedule a series of donations using your debit or credit card. We facilitate the process by offering a simple solution below. Thank you for your gifts.


Donation Options


Donation Options

Please call or email our treasurer to set up a recurring electronic bank transfer giving.   

Cash or Check

Please make checks payable to St Paul's Episcopal Church. Checks or Cash may be dropped in the offering plate or in person at the church office. They may also be mailed to our church directly:

St. Paul's Episcopal Church
401 Duval St., Key West, FL 33040

How much should I pledge?

Determining the amount of your annual pledge is between you and God. However, as you make this important decision, reflecting on your vision of stewardship may be beneficial.  A helpful perspective on a common maturation of the Christian Vision of Stewardship suggests that we consider our personal vision of stewardship in terms of a spectrum:

  • I give because I am supposed to give — a sense of duty
  • I give to pay my own way — a sense of fairness
  • I give to return a portion of my blessings — a sense of gratitude
  • I give to keep church ministries free to all — a sense of generosity

There is no secret as to how you move along this progression. However, when you push yourself to another level, you will find your faithfulness expanding as well.

What is proportional giving?

St. Paul’s is committed to proportional giving, with the goal of tithing (10%). If you are not pledging 10%, pledge a lower percentage and consider increasing your pledge each year. We ask that you prayerfully consider what level of giving is right for you and your family.

What is a tithe?

A tithe is 10% of your income.  At its General Convention since 1982, the Episcopal Church has affirmed the tithe is the minimum standard for giving and encourages its members to tithe or be working toward a tithe.  This resolution recognizes that many persons choose to divide their tithe among the church and other worthy organizations.  A tithe may sound like an unattainable goal to begin with, but if you start with a certain proportion of your income and increase the percentage each year, you will be tithing in a short time.  You could start with 5%, a half tithe. Another option is 2½%, which is roughly equivalent to pledging the first hour’s pay of a 40-hour work week.

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