An Episcopal Clergy Person 
For Your Off-site Wedding

We know that Key West is a popular destination point for weddings. Many come to Key West for the beauty and the readily available amenities that would accompany a wedding. The beaches, gardens, hotels with decks, and pavilions all make a lovely setting for a wedding.

While we encourage weddings at St Paul’s Church, the Rector is willing to consider officiating at off-site weddings at a negotiated rate. This rate is based on the number of people in attendance and preparation time prior to the wedding.

 The same requirements of the Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida govern these off-site weddings as those that take place on the campus of St Paul’s Church. These include a.) at least one member of the couple must be a baptized Christian; b.) a petition for remarriage must be made if either or both members of the couple has/have a previous marriage; and c.) the couple must have a minimum of four premarital counseling sessions certified by the priest who will perform the marriage ceremony.

 If you are interested in having an Episcopal clergyperson officiate at your wedding, we recommend that you call the church office at (305) 296-5142 and speak with the Rector of St. Paul’s Church who will be happy to speak with you about the celebration and blessing of your marriage.

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